Even though the unknowns were innumerable, and somewhat scary, they were much more tolerable than staying home in Galax and dealing with the knowns she’d been dealing with for way too long.
Heaven Leigh had said things moved slow in California, but was “slow” to them faster than the South’s idea of “slow”? Or about the same?
It took a little over half an hour and two buses before Belle stood at the corner of Windward and Pacific Streets, facing the ocean.
It’s a mighty rocky road, I’m almost done traveling, A mighty rocky road, I’m bound to go where Jesus is. - “Rocky Road”
Belle watched as the dry browns and greens of the Nevada landscape blurred together, making one big splotch of color.
“If that guy says anything about New Car Smell or Strawberry Shortcake or whatever weird fucking scent he’s into, do not look at me."
"Are you happy, baby sister? That’s the bigger question."
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